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Kitchen Blender Fun & Facts

You may have seen a video or two of the viral marketing series Will It Blend?. If you haven’t, you’ve missed some entertaining and educational trivia. A host gives us upbeat patter while dropping unlikely objects into a kitchen blender. The host then turns on the blender to show us what will happen when the objects are blended.

Hunous made in the kitchen blender

photo by

I love watching this show. It’s fascinating to see stuff get crunched up and smoothed out.

Interestingly, a really good kitchen blender works so well not because of the blades but because of science. Something called cavitation. Basically, the blades spin so fast that they tear holes in the liquid you’re blending. It’s the resulting bubbles of air that actually do the work of smoothing the stuff into a liquid.

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Seasonal Eating – Fresh Corn

Stop at a roadside stand and buy some fresh corn on the cob now, before it’s all gone. Forget anything that’s already husked or wrapped in plastic. You want to look at the husk and stem for freshness and to be able to peel back the ends of the husks to peek in at the kernels. If the vendor won’t let you do this, just walk away.

Fresh corn on the cob for seasonal eating

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Making Vegetable Stock and Fussing Over Food

Wearing my Fanatical Foodie hat today. I could have said my “chef’s” hat but that wouldn’t be true since I don’t have one. I love food, I adore food; it’s one of my vices. However, I have no desire to Fuss Over Food.

Making vegetable stock starts with fresh ingredients. photo by Christopher Shearly

photo by Christopher Shearly

You may produce the most beautiful food ever shot with an I-phone and I love that. I love to look at beautiful food, I love to eat beautiful food, and I even have a couple of books of foodie porn but I do not want to make beautiful food. What I want to make is nutritious food that tastes good and feels good in your mouth. But I digress.

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