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Sisters and Gratitude

The Sisters project covers a lot of life territory. The scope of the project has grown enormously from my first attempts to record my own experiences. One of the ways it has grown is through the experiences of other contributors. Reading their contributions continues to spark memories and revelations for me.

Gratitude in many languages.

graphic by shambumusic

Some contributors have told about childhood sisters of all ages who made lasting positive impressions. These experiences were so important that they are among the person’s most vivid memories. One of the things that surprised me was how this kind of story planted a seed of longing in me to thank people who helped me as a child.

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Emerson on Friends

The following passage struck a chord last week. Just in time for this day devoted to gratitude.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. … I chide society, I embrace solitude, and yet I am not so ungrateful as not to see the wise, the lovely, and the noble-minded, as from time to time they pass my gate. Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, – a possession for all time. Nor is nature so poor, but she gives me this joy several times, and thus we weave social threads of our own, a new web of relations; and, as many thoughts in succession substantiate themselves, we shall by-and-by stand in a new world of our own creation, and no longer strangers… My friends have come to me unsought. … By oldest right, … the divine affinity of virtue … in me and in them … both deride and cancel the thick walls of individual character, relations, age, sex and circumstance, at which he usually connives, and now makes many one. High thanks I owe you, excellent lovers, who carry out the world for me to new and noble depths, and enlarge the meaning of all my thoughts.”

Friendship, Ralph Waldo Emerson

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