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Book review: Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them

Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. ThemDeep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them by Shakil Choudhury
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Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to read this book. Assuming everyone wants to live a life full of rewarding and healthy relationships with everyone they meet.  The author makes a convincing case for changing ourselves to spark systemic change. He shows how searching our own attitudes and assumptions helps us see systemic biases. Biases that disadvantage ourselves and others. He provides specific exercises and action each of us can take to do two things. He believes we can overcome our innate negative bias. He believes we can teach ourselves to welcome the differences in others. The differences that enrich us and our communities.

One of the most striking points Choudhury makes is the following:

” In the Deep Diversity framework, personal power and the potential for change it represents can serve as a catalyst for system-wide change. There is always a dialogue, a creative tension, between recognizing the influence of institutions on the individual and of the individual on the system. The trick is holding this tension and not getting caught in the either/or polarity. This is the balance point, both emotionally and intellectually.”

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Snowshoeing First After Fifty

Like almost every kid who went to public schoolSherburne celebrates Winterfest with snowshoeing in Ottawa in the 1970s and 80s, I’d been snowshoeing with my class a couple of times. The snowshoes available at the time were traditional wood and gut shoes. I’d enjoyed snowshoeing then but hadn’t tried it again.

Since then, the only winter sport I’ve done has been downhill skiing. My husband taught me to ski the year I turned 19. You may love winter sports. You probably get out there and skate or ski or board every chance you get. You may even ski from right outside your door every day. But this was a bit of a stretch for me – I’m not in any way athletic.


You can understand then, that my family was surprised when

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Working Construction First After Fifty

A bright newly renovated apartment after working constructionThree years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to move out of our suburban home. We’d bought the home in a brand new development as an investment. We’d thought that after five years we’d be ready to move on to something a little less, well, suburban. But life is funny and it had now been more than twenty years since we moved in. Our daughters had gone to homes of their own. It was just us and the dog. We decided to invest in a small building

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Muscle Fitness After Fifty

By all reports, fifty is the magic age when your muscles start to melt away. After working on a large-scale renovation project two years ago, I was doing nothing to stop that from happening to me. So it was no damned wonder when my daughter told me last winter that my arms looked skinny.

Women doing pull-ups to increase muscle fitness

You probably follow a very effective physical training program that keeps you as fit as a fiddle. You may use a web tool like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople to help you. You may even take workout clothes and gear when you go on vacation. You probably have great muscle fitness.

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Do Something First After Fifty

Yes, anyone is allowed to know my age. I’m 53 – it’s just a number.

What have you done first after fifty?

photo by

Having said that, biology does dictate some things in life, and one of those things seems to be Move Or Die. I believe this applies to all kinds of pursuits, not just physical ones, so I’ve adopted an attitude of thinking twice before saying “I don’t do…” when discussing just about anything I’ve never done before.

First After Fifty

Through good fortune and hard work I’m healthy in body and in mind. Because I’m able to do just about anything I want to, I’ve started a list of the things I’ve First After Fifty. You may not think much of that; you probably do stuff for the first time every time you get the chance, regardless of your age. You probably started heli-skiing or took your degree in theoretical physics after you turned 50. But for me doing something first after fifty is a Big Deal.

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