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Working Construction First After Fifty

A bright newly renovated apartment after working constructionThree years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to move out of our suburban home. We’d bought the home in a brand new development as an investment. We’d thought that after five years we’d be ready to move on to something a little less, well, suburban. But life is funny and it had now been more than twenty years since we moved in. Our daughters had gone to homes of their own. It was just us and the dog. We decided to invest in a small building

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Sisters and Whether to Have Children

In our culture, it’s assumed that each of us will find a partner and have children.

It starts among friends and family. You know, the questions from friends like “Now that you’re married, when are you going to start a family?” or the jolly “So, when am I going to get some grandchildren?” from parents.

The questions themselves are mostly innocent but indicate that having children is expected. There is really no choice in the matter. For most people, the answer “We’re (or I’m) planning not to have children” is inconceivable.

The same goes for mass media. Advertising, television shows, movies and popular books all make the assumption that

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Sisters and Colleagues

The Sisters project has contributions that pertain to all aspects of life. Aspects from home to office and everywhere in between. Several of my very successful colleagues who were “sisters” taught me, by example, the value of this important lesson.

Colleagues standing in a circle

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So many people ignore those in their company whom they assume are unimportant to business success. Now, you probably don’t ignore anyone where you work. You probably know everyone in the building by name and all about their families and hobbies. But many front line workers seem

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