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Poetry: chapbooks, single pieces, miscellany

Here is where you’ll find my poetry work: chapbooks, single pieces, miscellany, et cetera. I’ll update this page and/or add more pages as I revise work to a point where it’s fit to be read.

camera swipe wavy jade and aqua representing chapbooks, single pieces, miscellany

Jade Swipe, Janet Fraser 2012



Poetry Chapbooks

Click on the link to see my First Chapbook Proof 2nd edition

Here’s a link to my Second Chapbook – Songs of Privilege

Single Pieces

These are a few pieces that didn’t make it into the poetry chapbooks but could have if I’d wanted to add pages. Since they were ready to be read and don’t fit with my next project, they felt a bit like orphans so I decided to present them as single pieces.

This is a sonnet I wrote many years ago just to see whether I could do it. Looks like I can write a sonnet but it’s not something I’m going to pursue any time soon.


Sonnet for the Lebanese

I lie awake as wicked Dark slips in
Into my mind to chill my lonely bed
With dreams of twilit terror ‘round my head.
My gloomy spirit Dark now fights to win,
(With that my self-destruction can begin)
By nurturing the shadow of a dread
That with one not so pale you may have fled.
Her skin creamed coffee, eyes – obsidian.
Then midnight dawns as you, to me, return
Your sweets and moonlit roses fill my sight.
My joyful tears will sparkle down and burn
Cheeks now in passion flushed, not pale with fright.
Your glowing eyes and tender kisses turn
My heart and mind to love and you tonight.

Ottawa Winter 1978


This one started out as a practice at paring down to the essence. I’m not certain it works – let me know what you think.

five seasons of the sun

man sitting
shivering, sidewalk
huddling, brick wall
winter sunlight

woman crafting
relaxing, home
sewing, patchwork
summer sun

boy sleeping
dreaming, bedroom
snuggling, quilt
spring sunup

woman going
closing, home
wrapping, memento
autumn sunset

man sleeping
relaxing, sidewalk
snuggling, memento
seasonless sun

Val des Monts April 2015


Chapbooks, single pieces, miscellany

That’s it for poetry chapbooks, single pieces, miscellany. Hope you enjoyed the read.