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Janet L Fraser – editor

Photo of Janet L Fraser by Christopher Shearly

photo by Christopher Shearly

After being born on the wrong side of the tracks, into a family of six children, and marching through 18 years of schooling to get a teaching qualification that still has the factory shine on it, marrying her best friend, and raising two of the loveliest people alive, Janet L Fraser was fated was to run a catalogue and on-line start-up with her husband. After 11 years they were both still alive and still married so they decided to quit while they were ahead and sell the business. Fortunately, retirement was an option. With so much time available, many projects that had been languishing blossomed with new life. Travel to both familiar and exotic places punctuate the work. This brings you pretty much up to date, except to say that life is good in the Ottawa area. Her two ever-present goals are to see the Earth from space and to look back fondly on her 100th birthday party.