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On hiatus

Dear Friends of the Blend,Animal tracks in the snow - on hiatus

Fate has intervened to put my blog on hiatus until the complications of life get sorted out. Don’t worry, all is well. Learning the ins and outs of blogging was consuming all my writing time and energy, leaving little for my main collaborative writing project. Fewer posts will be the norm just as soon as I get some other things done over the winter.

In the mean time, thanks for reading.

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Sisters and the Hostess Gift

Once again I’m dipping into the Sisters project.

Three bars of goatsmilk soap for a hostess gift

Since we’re coming up to the holiday season, here’s something one sister learned about choosing a hostess gift.

When you’re going to someone’s home and want to offer a gift, buying or doing something he or she loves that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy or do is a good way to show your thanks.

Instead of just grabbing a bottle of wine, here are some suggestions to get you thinking about the perfect hostess gift for your holiday hosts.

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Sisters and Whether to Have Children

In our culture, it’s assumed that each of us will find a partner and have children.

It starts among friends and family. You know, the questions from friends like “Now that you’re married, when are you going to start a family?” or the jolly “So, when am I going to get some grandchildren?” from parents.

The questions themselves are mostly innocent but indicate that having children is expected. There is really no choice in the matter. For most people, the answer “We’re (or I’m) planning not to have children” is inconceivable.

The same goes for mass media. Advertising, television shows, movies and popular books all make the assumption that

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Sisters and Gratitude

The Sisters project covers a lot of life territory. The scope of the project has grown enormously from my first attempts to record my own experiences. One of the ways it has grown is through the experiences of other contributors. Reading their contributions continues to spark memories and revelations for me.

Gratitude in many languages.

graphic by shambumusic

Some contributors have told about childhood sisters of all ages who made lasting positive impressions. These experiences were so important that they are among the person’s most vivid memories. One of the things that surprised me was how this kind of story planted a seed of longing in me to thank people who helped me as a child.

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Sisters and Colleagues

The Sisters project has contributions that pertain to all aspects of life. Aspects from home to office and everywhere in between. Several of my very successful colleagues who were “sisters” taught me, by example, the value of this important lesson.

Colleagues standing in a circle

photo by Master isolated images/

So many people ignore those in their company whom they assume are unimportant to business success. Now, you probably don’t ignore anyone where you work. You probably know everyone in the building by name and all about their families and hobbies. But many front line workers seem

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Sisters and Writing

It is often muse or genius that sparks a project in an artist’s consciousness. If the artist has, or goes about acquiring, sufficient related life experience to fuel that spark, it will grow into a fire that nothing will put out.

Scattered computer keys

Janaka Dharmasena/

Such a project has a life of its own that the artist must either express or be consumed by, one way or another. It’s a sort of possession, one with a visceral grip, that won’t let go until you’ve spilled your guts and interpreted the signs whether or not anyone has enough interest in the art or the artist to pay attention. This is an experience I’ve had only with writing poetry… until now.

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