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face and body of a dark reptile with yellow markings

photo by Christopher Shearly

It was gratifying to come home from a Fall vacation and find that one of my poems has been published, under the name Janet L Fraser, in the Ottawa on-line journal Why the formality of using my middle initial? There are a number of Janet Frasers in this world (a surprising number just in the Ottawa area) and an award winning poet named Janet Fraser in New Brunswick. Hmm, perhaps a pen name would makes sense for me.

Having a poem selected for publication for the first time begins a new stage of development for me as a writer. Up to this point, very few people I don’t know personally have read my work – I and my work have lived in a relatively safe semi-public space. From this point onward I’m guessing I have to be prepared to experience “slings and arrows”, however modest, just like any other public figure. A prospect at once exhilarating and terrifying for an introvert such as me.

Being published follows my start into public reading at the Tree Reading Series open mic in October. Reading my work to people I’d just barely met reminded me of a Canterbury High School t-shirt for the students in the non-performing arts: the slogan began Don’t look at me – my own first thought about reading in public. However, like many before me, I discovered that people in an audience are mostly friendly and supportive. People mostly contribute to a positive vibe and send waves of energy to me as I speak. How does that happen? As in other forms of theatre, it’s a mystery.

Here, then, is my poem Predators I Have Known, first published in the November issue of 

next door in his tower
lived the handsome wolf
dangling sweet guitar and song
“come up and hear me play”
how lucky for me:
my innocence, like a sturdy woodsman,
split open his belly and I walked free

into a bedroom in his house
crept the agile weasel
familiar face a masquerade
“hey honey, how ya’ doin’ t’night?”
how lucky for me:
my aunt, like a fairy god-mother,
appeared in an instant and I slept safe

down the hall in his classroom
floated the smiling crocodile
solitude and a mentor’s warmth
“visit here as often as you like”
how lucky for me:
my knowing friend, like a woodland sprite,
lead him away and I moved on

across the quad in his dorm room
lived the silky python
mesmerizing with bookish charm
(what did he say, exactly?)
lucky for me:
my head and heart, now budding alchemists,
used salt water and turned dross into gold


Val des Monts January 2017

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First Poetry Chapbook – New Canadian Writer

Roadside with yellow coltsfoot

Janet L Fraser, Yellow, 2014

It turns out that blogging is a habit that’s not too hard to break. After shooting myself in the foot by posting at a rate that was more frequent than the thoughts worth sharing and interesting events in my life, I ran out of material. Life kept me from creating new material for a while and then I was just out of the habit. I think it’s sort of like documenting your work – a very useful practice but no one really wants to take the time to do it because they’re so busy doing whatever it is they do.

You may be glad to hear that over the last few months I’ve done some real writing work. Attending several sessions of the Ottawa International Writers Festival, including a poetry workshop (more about that another time), was a First After Fifty. Hearing other writers read their work, buying and reading books of poetry, and listening to panel discussions about writing gave me hope that there’s an audience out there that is interested in reading the sort of thing I write.

Fresh from that experience, I sat at my desk with a goal of producing my first poetry chapbook. I focussed on two things: revising every poem I’d ever written, and writing a bunch of poems based on ideas and fragments I’d collected over I don’t know how many years. A vacation intervened to foil my 2016 NaPoWriMo plans but I got back to my desk this week. Today I can tell you that I’ve made proof copies of my first poetry chapbook filled with some easily accessible work. (Yay!) Paper copies will be available in the next few day to anyone who asks for them. You can pick them up from me or send me your postal address.

On another note, I’ve dusted off my sewing machine and am altering some clothing from the ’70s and ’80s so it’s vintage to wearable now that it’s back in style; after that you’ll see more work on the Ocean Quilt.

Welcome back, Friends of the Blend! Welcome back, me.

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Snowshoeing First After Fifty

Like almost every kid who went to public schoolSherburne celebrates Winterfest with snowshoeing in Ottawa in the 1970s and 80s, I’d been snowshoeing with my class a couple of times. The snowshoes available at the time were traditional wood and gut shoes. I’d enjoyed snowshoeing then but hadn’t tried it again.

Since then, the only winter sport I’ve done has been downhill skiing. My husband taught me to ski the year I turned 19. You may love winter sports. You probably get out there and skate or ski or board every chance you get. You may even ski from right outside your door every day. But this was a bit of a stretch for me – I’m not in any way athletic.


You can understand then, that my family was surprised when

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Working Construction First After Fifty

A bright newly renovated apartment after working constructionThree years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to move out of our suburban home. We’d bought the home in a brand new development as an investment. We’d thought that after five years we’d be ready to move on to something a little less, well, suburban. But life is funny and it had now been more than twenty years since we moved in. Our daughters had gone to homes of their own. It was just us and the dog. We decided to invest in a small building

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Muscle Fitness After Fifty

By all reports, fifty is the magic age when your muscles start to melt away. After working on a large-scale renovation project two years ago, I was doing nothing to stop that from happening to me. So it was no damned wonder when my daughter told me last winter that my arms looked skinny.

Women doing pull-ups to increase muscle fitness

You probably follow a very effective physical training program that keeps you as fit as a fiddle. You may use a web tool like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople to help you. You may even take workout clothes and gear when you go on vacation. You probably have great muscle fitness.

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