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Favourite Fiction – What’s Yours?

The vortex of the blend comes ‘round again to the topic of books.

Favourite fiction book cover: 100 Years of Solitude

photo by Harper Collins

Out of millions of books on the planet, thousands in the public library, hundreds people have recommended and mere dozens that I’ve read, here are some of my favourite fiction books so far.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
A fabulous tale steeped in magic realism.

Maybe it was the particular translation, but this book seemed to me to be poetry disguised as a novel. The characters, events and settings could almost be real but, like North American “tall tales”, they are too much larger than life to be in this world. A book I will go back to again and again.

Pattern Recognition (or almost anything by), William Gibson
A coming of age story in brutal realism.

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Muscle Fitness After Fifty

By all reports, fifty is the magic age when your muscles start to melt away. After working on a large-scale renovation project two years ago, I was doing nothing to stop that from happening to me. So it was no damned wonder when my daughter told me last winter that my arms looked skinny.

Women doing pull-ups to increase muscle fitness

You probably follow a very effective physical training program that keeps you as fit as a fiddle. You may use a web tool like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople to help you. You may even take workout clothes and gear when you go on vacation. You probably have great muscle fitness.

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Children’s Books and Being an NBK

Musician playing saxophone. Photo by Christopher Shearly

photo by C Shearly

There are only two or three people I’ve met in my life who were sure of what they wanted to do with their lives when they were fairly small children. One is a musician and one is a zookeeper. You may also be one of these fortunate people; you may have been on the path to your dream career your whole life – if so, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day.

Natural Born Kindergarten Teacher

As for me, I always knew I was a writer. That wasn’t a question of wanting; it was just what I did. If you’d asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the confident response would have been “A teacher”. But that was not to be.

After training for five years and getting a teaching certification, it turned out that I made my living as a marketing copywriter for a catalogue and web retail company. Yes, until a few years ago my job was to figure out the best ways to convince people to buy stuff. Not the most glamorous of writing careers but it put the groceries on the table.

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